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William's myspace - Features some of his solo music.

Starlie's myspace - Everyone has one. This one has a million random things on it.


Smokin Fez Monkeys - That crazy jug band taking Cleveland by storm holds its newest member as the jinglestick player: Sir William.

Colorforms - Spacey ambient band out of Lakewood. William and Starlie both play with them from time to time.

Recycled Rainbow - Unofficial Ohio Burning Man regional. Both Starlie and William are organizers of this event (along with a great many other wonderful folk.)

Transformus - North Carolina Burning Man regional event. Starlie and William are volunteers, and if they're there, Emerald Frequency always performs. (So yes, we have a small fan base in NC. :) But more so, we have a big beautiful cloud of amazing friends in NC!) Bit of trivia: The cover of our album was taken by our very good friend Todd Bush at Transformus 2005.


Jim Snively - The best damn storyteller in Cleveland. Classic original folk songs. Good friend of ours.

Brace Yourself Bridget - A wickedly cool Celtic rock band based out of Cleveland. Check them out, they'll blow you away.

Will Cheshier - We love Will Cheshier. Will's easily one of our favorite local musicians. We are the borg: Resistance is futile!

Brian Henke - Phenomenal guitarist, breathtaking compositions.

Pitch the Peat - Perhaps the best local traditional celtic band in Cleveland!

Frass Accolades - A couple of very talented (and wonderfully insane) friends of ours. FA is an experimental audio duo of beautiful mind-boggling proportions!

Xe-La - AKA "Luv Mutha". Friend, and one of our favorite local musicians. Serious jazzy funk folk. Ya gotta check him out, because you'll get hooked!

Ryann "Guitar" Anderson - Excellent jazz guitarist. Mighty funky!


The Duhks - One of the hottest bands out there. Right from Canada (Canadians never fail at getting it right), they are a tornado of celtic, bluegrass/mountain, folk, rock, cajun and funk. Simply amazing!

Loreena McKennitt - One of the most amazing musicians out there, and certainly one of our favorites and greatest inspirations.

Solas - One of the best trad. Irish bands in the world.

The Mediaeval Baebes - This fantastic group of women prove that the old music from the medieval ages can be seriously cool. Often neo-medieval, they are a wonderful group of goddesses who will amaze you.

Ani DiFranco - The indie queen. No doubt every feminist college student knows who she is. (She's also a favorite of Starlie's.)

Enter the Haggis - Great celtic rock band from Canada. They have a feeling of true celtic rock, but don't fail to be unique.

Afro Celt Sound System - This band is one of the most favorites of both William and Starlie. Shades of celtic music, traditional Indian (India), and African, this electronica (and sometimes ambient) band will never fail to blow you away! We love their music dearly!

Arlo Guthrie - His dad might have been the father of folk, but Arlo is who's breathing true life into it. (Not to mention his often wickedly funny stories, that usually come in the middle of a song.)

Altan - Unquestionably one of the top trad. Irish bands in the world.

Paul Winter - "Celebrating the Creatures and Cultures of the Earth", he's worked with known musicians from Pete Seeger to Karan Casey to Mickey Hart. (He's also a favorite of Bill's.)

Eileen Ivers - Probably the best fiddle player in the world of celtic music, and one of the founding members of Cherish the Ladies. She will not fail to blow you away!

The Fenians - An incredibly fun (and slightly insane) Celtic rock band from California. Hey, every day's a hooley, man!

The Saw Doctors - "Like the Beatles of Western Ireland, only funnier." Davy and Leo rock beyond what we can say. (The English vocabulary simply doesn't have a word for them.) Forgive our lack of good English, but: they are the funnest band outta Ireland ever!

Jason Webley - One of the best songwriters you've never heard of. Jason is a deeply talented musician, and a very kind fellow (yeah, Starlie met him and she's all proud of that fact. :P)

Andrew Bird - Gypsy classical pop, sort of. Really, uncategorizable, but truly a musical genius!


Cleveland Celtic Podcast - The title says it all: Cleveland's Celtic Podcast, full of great music from local bands as well as internationally known bands. Listen for us there too!

Scorched Nuts - Ohio Burning Man regional event. Southern Ohio. The background on this web site was taken by Starlie at Scorched Nuts 2007. :)

Todd Bush Photography - A very good friend of ours, and our main official photographer. He took the picture that is on the cover of our album "Enchanted Grove".

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