Hey there everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that i (Starlie) have started on a mess of new additions to the web site, as well as hopefully a whole new look, but we'll see. :) For now, i'll be gone for the weekend at Southern Ohio Burning Man regional "Scorched Nuts" (being silly and playing some of my solo work), but once i get back (and after our gig at the Barking Spider on Monday!), i will get my arse moving on all these great new ideas. lol
By the way, speaking of burn events: We will be seen at not only Recycled Rainbow this year, but we're making our first journey to the playa! Yes, kids, Emerald Frequency is going to Burning Man!! In the evenings, some of the time, you'll be able to find us by the giant ketchup bottle at 4:30 and D-Street. (Or, at the very least, ask for us there: Ketchup bottle people are friends of ours.) Out in the middle of the Nevada desert with the craziest people and art you can imagine: We cannot wait!!

Whoop, whoop, come one come all, we're happily booked at Wilbert's (across the street from Jacob's Field)! It's our first time there (*insert "Like A Virgin" joke here*), and would love anyone an extra amount if they came out to support us! Pretty please? :)

We have returned after a bit of a hiatus. Forgive the lack of updates...things have been crazy!
~ Sir William was in the hospital numerous times in the first half of this year, and it was a close call at some points. :( But through very frightening events, he is back on his feet, better than ever! I thank EVERYONE who sent him prayers and healing energy!
~ Now that William is back on his feet, Emerald Frequency is making its comeback, and have already booked some new gigs. (See the "Dates" section for more info.)
~ Over the summer, we have performed a little, making the tour of some of the Burning Man regionals. The first one was "Scorched Nuts", Ohio's first regional burn. We met and made friends with two members of the local Lakewood band "Colorforms", and seemed to click really well during a burn night jam at our camp. :) The second was our third year at North Carolina's amazing regional burn "Transformus". It was a righteous summer, i do confess. And a special shoutout to our Mysterian (Transformus) friends! You're amazing beyond words!
I am very excited to announce that our album is FINALLY OUT! "Enchanted Grove", now available for online purchase, is something we're pretty wicked proud of. *grins* It includes three never-before-heard songs, including the totally redone "All Turns". (You'll recognize the lyrics, but not the melody.) High praises from those who've heard it are come in every which way, and we hope y'all enjoy it as much as we do! :) Click HERE to go an' buy, you know you wanna. ;)

Well kids, the new year is upon us, and there is much to report.
First off, we have been in the studio for a few weeks now, recording our first album. I cannot say yet when it will be out, but certainly before the summer! :)
Also, there is a big concert benefit this month, which includes some of the Cleveland's best musicians. We're all coming together to help Poor Richard's tavern get back on its feet. Poor Richard's is one of our most favorite places to perform, and the owners (Chris and Veronica) are truly wonderful people. Support local music, and local venues! I do not doubt that it with be a wickedly fantastic night. See you there!
Thanks Mark :)

Hello my pretties! It's been a freakin' crazy summer, and we got a little behind, but we're kicking back into gear, and have numerous gigs booked before the end of the year.
One of the gigs is pretty awesome. We're going to be opening up for Anne E. DeChant at the Barking Spider, November 17th at 8:30pm. Please come out and support us! You know we'll love you forever for it. ;)

5.5.06 Go ye forth, friends, and switch to the "Adelphia" cable channel 17 TOMORROW (May 6th) at 5:30pm! That variety show i mentioned before? That's it. We're the first guests, luckily. This is also the first time Emerald Frequency will have been on TV.
We are performing at Century Tavern tonight at 10pm! Great little place, but not very known, and struggling a bit. Come support local music and local music venues!

3.24.06 Hey folks, check out Strongsville/North Royalton's latest issue of "The Sun Star", 'cause we're on the front page! A great article comes with this marvelous photo and headline. Ah, you know it's cool.
I must note though, that they got one thing wrong: We are not performing at the Parma Arabica on March 31st, but actually April 7th. Ah well. Tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends! Spread the word!
Also, we're going to be on a local TV channel with an interview and one or two songs. I have very little info for you thus far, but stay tuned, 'cause i'll update as soon as i know when and where!
Yeah, leave it to me to know what's going on. Sláinte!

Hello all! I am so very sorry i've been unable to update the web site. It was basically the result of my computer mostly crashing. The whole story is here if you want to hear it.
We have quite a few gigs coming up, and welcome all of you to come out! We would love to meet you!

There is a whole new "Photos" section up! It has four different sections, and many many new photos, including stuff from the 2005 Hessler Street Fair and Transformus '05! Check it out! Also, we'll be at the Parma Arabica this month. Make sure to check out the "Dates" page for more info.
Oh yes, one more thing: We're now on Come visit us, will ya?

We're back from the most amazing Transformus! Many new photos (from the Hessler Street Fair as well as Transformus) will be added to the web site very soon, so check back.

6.29.05 Busy weekend coming up for us here. Friday night we will be playing a gig at the Arabica in Parma. We'll then be hosting two different local open mics on the 4th and 5th. More info about that on the "Dates" page.
Hope to see you there!

We're putting together a lil Hessler Street Fair page. It'll have photos and some pieces of the actual performance, recorded off of the radio. Come back soon, we'll be getting that up ASAP.

New song on the "Listen" section of the site. Go and hear it, it's in Middle English. (Ooo, extra fun.)
Also, we'd like to mention that our favorite local open mic at McNamara's on the West side of Cleveland is a wicked great place to spend a Monday night. Go on and support the many great musicians, including the friendly host Jim Snively. Good tunes, good pints, good place to be. We'll be there on the 23rd of May. Hope to see you there!
McNamara's Public House
8611 Lake Rd, Cleveland

Heyhey kids, we are booked for the 2005 Hessler Street Fair! More info here.

New tunes up! Go to the "Listen" section to hear 6 new additions, all from the sampler CD.

Upcoming gig at Arabica! Two hour gig on the 16th. More info on the "Dates" page.
Our sampler CD is finished, and consists of six tunes. They're free, and you can get them at any one of our gigs. More info about that on the Blog.

Welcome to our new home,! We're all very happy to be rid of the old Geocities with its pop-up ads.
I would like for everyone to note that in light of the new domain, our emails have changed. See the "Contact" section for more information.
Stuff if happening,my friends. We'll be playing at a benefit later this month in Medina. We're also going to be hosting the open mic at McNamara's on March 14th. Keep an eye out for us in other places. More info on the "Dates" page.

Happy new year, folks!
As always, we welcome you all to come and see us, most commonly at McNamara's on Cleveland's West side. (For more info, click "Dates" on the menu to your left.)
We'd like to thank the good people from the Royalton Players for giving us the opportunity to perform before their Christmas show last month. We very much enjoyed it.
As was noted before, we are looking into getting our own domain. Hang tight loves, and try to ignore the seriously annoying ads. (After we do get our own domain, those ads will be gone, thank the Gods!)
See you all!
~Starlie and Bill

Tunes page was fixed. ("You Will Be My Aint True Love" is now "You Will Be Be Ain True Love". Stupid typos!)
We will be leaving Geocities ASAP, and getting our own domain. The ads have gotten out of hand, as i'm sure you've noticed. Hang tight, we're working on it.
We've been showing up at McNamara's, a pub on the West side, and have been performing at their open mics. Folks have enjoyed the stuff so far. Keep an eye on the "Dates" page. We'll post something there (including any plans for McNamara's) as soon as we know.

We've been doing some local open mics. If you'd like to come out and see us perform, click here to see the schedule. (If there's nothing there, then come back and check again very soon. All that means is that we haven't made up our minds as to where to go next, and that happens all too often!)
Also, please pardon the new ads that insist on popping up on the web site. That's something Geocities is doing. To get rid of them, click on the "X" on the top right corner of the ad. (That will not be there when we get our own domain, which is already being talked about.)

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