Don't believe not only that people actually come to hear us, but they enjoy what they hear? Wull, wull, we can prove ya wrong!

"Had never seen Sir William and Starlie perform this style of material live, though I had listened to a smattering of tracks on-line. I was blown away, they probably made me smile more continuously than any other live show I've seen recently. Starlie has a very unique and lovely style of vocal delivery and Sir WIlliam's voice is, at times quite haunting. The music was mystical, beautiful, well executed and genuinely inspired sounding. They took a crowd of unsuspecting java fiends into the woods and gave them a tour of Celtic bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, thank you both. I brought a friend from work who is in AA and a coffee shop was just the thing to keep her busy and her mind off drinking, but she came away from the experience really glowing about EF's vibe." - J Kyle Moyer (of Lakewood band "Colorforms")

"Wow wow wow, fantastic show guys! I didn't know what to expect other than what I heard on your myspace page.
That was more than worth the price of admission. You're extremely talented well-practiced musicians.
I can't believe that one song with Starlie playing the guitar like the violin was only gone over ONCE just a day ago! No fuckin' way! It sounded like you guys went over it dozens of times. All your songs were near perfection.
I heard someone say "Starlie, you sound better each time I see you." Well this was the first time I got to see an EF show, and I was blown away but the emotion and texture you're able to vocally project, let alone your control of pitch.
During our drive home, me & DG said more than a couple times we were very thankful we went. We had a great time in a super venue. I'm so glad we were able to make it out tonight." - Everyman (of Lakewood band "Colorforms", and event "Recycled Rainbow")

"Emerald Frequency have become one of my favorite local bands playing celtic music. Your CD is wonderful, but it's nothing like having you live in out studios tonight." - Tom Ball (of 91.1 The Summit when we were on his show "Just Plain Folk")

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