Starlie Emerald Frequency William

Vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhran, fiddle, pennywhistle, djembe, harmonica.

Growing up, thanks to her parents, Starlie heard numerous genres of music. That's years and years of celtic, rock, folk, african, french, cajun, native american, indian, punk, blues, jazz and more! Just imagine how de-sensitized she is to culture shock! While she's been singing since she was very very little (like, you know, before she can remember), at age 14, she began to learn acoustic guitar. She took off with that, wanting to be the next Joni Mitchell or Ani DiFranco. But her love of playing music refused to stop there, so basically all at one time, she taught herself fiddle, pennywhistle and bodhran. (She also doesn't want to stop there: she has her eye on the drums, bouzouki and hurdy-gurdy.) She doesn't really have a main influence in music. Singers like Karan Casey and Alison Krauss have their own little bubble in that "influence world", but so does Andrew Bird (gypsy classical jazz), Ani DiFranco (folk jazz punk), Bjork (other-worldly) and the Dresden Dolls (cabaret punk). Mashing up all of that (and more), and then mixing it with what William (her dad) brings into the band, you get Emerald Frequency.

Ani DiFranco, The Duhks, Loreena McKennitt, Solas, Tori Amos, Andrew Bird, Mediaeval Baebes, Alison Krauss, Afro Celt Sound System, Karan Casey, Azam Ali, Bjork, Zero 7, Jason Webley, Kate Rusby.

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